Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Pool and Pool Plus Programs

The Pool and Pool Plus programs offer competitive base prices, flexible grading grids, a premium for CQA validated hogs and a premium for certified ractopamine free hogs when the producer is willing to ship on a standard grid and deliver animals to a plant offering a premium for Ractopamine free animals. Ontario pork pays freight to transporters for hogs sold on these programs.

What is the Pool Plus program?
Producers enrolled in the Pool Plus program will receive the average value of hogs sold through Ontario Pork Marketing Division's Block Sale Agreements to various packers. The Block Sale Agreements have provided the Marketing Division with the ability to guaranty delivery of specific quantities of hogs to packers for fixed periods of time. This has enabled the Marketing Division to obtain increased base prices for the hogs marketed through the program.

Who can enroll?
Any producer in Ontario can enroll in the Pool Plus program. When producers enroll they must commit specific quantities of hogs to be marketed in the program. Ontario Pork Marketing Division then in turn commits to market the number of hogs enrolled in the program through block contracts with processors. When the number of hogs delivered on the Pool Plus program exceeds the number of available block contracts, the program is open and accepting new members.

What happens to the existing Pool Plus agreements?
There are a number of different expiry dates on the existing Hog Supply Agreements. If a producer wants to stop delivering against their Pool Plus program a notice period of 90 days applies.

Where do I get more information on the Pool Plus Marketing Program?
Please contact Ontario Pork Marketing Division at 1-800-873-0363.