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General Site Questions

How do I gain access to the site?
You need two things to gain access to the secure site. One is a producer number and the other is a password. Passwords can be obtained calling 1(800)873-0363.

How do I navigate the site?
Moving around this is quite simple, but it does take a little getting used to. You'll will notice that at the top of every page there is a logo and a navigation bar. This navigation bar is the tool that will help you travel around the pages in OINK. No matter where you are in the site you will always be able to click on the bar and move to another page. In the members only site selecting an option on the navigation bar will bring you to a page with a list of available reports and resources.

Printing or Displaying Data Questions 

Do I have to download the Crystal Print Control?

The reports available on this site require the Crystal Print Control for printing. In order to print these reports you must download the ActiveX Control.

When I print the report I just get a blank sheet. What am I doing wrong?
When you display a report on this web site, it is displayed in a window with it's own print option. You must use this print button in order to print the report properly. Using the menu bar and clicking on File --> Print won't work.

How can I print the reports on one page?
Some of the reports available on this site are wider than one sheet of paper. In order to print them properly, you need to change the default paper layout for your printer from Portrait to Landscape so that the report prints with the title along the long side of the paper.

Can anyone else see my data?
The site is designed so that the only users that can see your data are users that have logged in with your unique producer number and password. If you don't want others to see your data, keep your password confidential.

Does this site work better with certain web browsers?
Some reports work best with Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox.

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